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Absolute Masterpiece Bundle

$300.00 $29.00

Artistic Enhancement23
 Old matty and filmy22
Film noir B&W5
Brust Pack45

Product Description

Absolute Masterpiece Bundle-

Must have tools for any photographer. This set has been chosen by over 300  famous wedding photographers all around the world. 

 All in one bundle- Save.  (You do not require to buy any other product )

  • Take your creativity to next level.
  • Created by qualified teachers, graphic designers, professional photographers.
  • Most comprehensive fine tuning tool of all-time.
  • Saved hours worth of editing time.
  • Add dimension and flare to your images
  • Built in “secret formula” and easy to use
  • Polish your photograph with variety of tone.
  • Timeless look of traditional film.
  • Matty look like you have never seen before.

This whole package is designed to let your creativity to a different level by creating a your own unique style. Comes with amazing brushes, Brusts, beautiful tone ( Perfect for outdoor shots / golden hour shots)  and Vintage tone to your images. Set your opacity as you go.

This set is the ultimate tool for artistic control comes through the use of the layer masks built into each action. Every action finishes playing with either a black or white layer mask attached in the layers palette. White layer masks allow you to cover up a portion of the action’s effect, while black layer masks allow you to selectively add in the effect where you want and to the degree that you want. Each of our images undergoes individual  rigourous post processing.

Doesn’t matter what type of photography are you into, Oz action will give you the best possible outcome of your image. With few basic tweaking and off you go.




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