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Matty and Moody

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It goes without saying that capturing that initial image with the camera is a critical piece, but it’s just the beginning.. They were develop  so that you’ll have full control over all aspects of the action components. After playing an action, simply  open the action folder in the layers palette and adjust each individual layer’s opacity, blending mode, or visibility From light, contrast, clarity, color, and tone, you have the power to adjust as necessary to fine tune each action to your personal needs.

Matty and moddy set is the ultimate tool for artistic control comes through the use of the layer masks built into each action. Every action finishes playing with either a black or white layer mask attached in the layers palette. White layer masks allow you to cover up a portion of the action’s effect, while black layer masks allow you to selectively add in the effect where you want and to the degree that you want. Each of our images undergoes individual  rigourous post processing.

If you love the matty filmy look then you are in the right place. Matty and moody actions in one swoop, leaving you with 22 gorgeous actions plus 50 Workflow actions  all stacked together and ready for you to turn on each one to quickly see the results and even better, turn on a couple here and there and adjust the opacity as needed.

 All in one editing tool

      • Easy to follow instruction
      • Clean workflow
      • Filmy / Cinematic look
      • Package inculdes
      • Endless looks,
      • easy to edit,
      • getting the perfect dreamy tone
      • Take full control of your editing.
      • Discover your inner talent.
      • Creative tools for creative artist.
      • Show off in style
      • Ultra modern fashion look


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