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Shooting Stars

$175.00 $75.00

Artistic Enhancement23
 Old matty and filmy22
Film noir B&W5
Brust Pack45

Product Description

Shooting Stars puts powerful editing tools at your fingertips.
For photographers looking to create masterpiece, flawless effect with their images, the “Shooting stars” is a perfect addition to
their Photoshop workflow. This pack is designed to create a clean processed image with unique style. Just 1 click away to
Endless looks, easy to edit, getting the perfect dreamy tone .You need to have basic masking knowledge to use all our actions.
This pack provide provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish your artistic vision. This pack is designed to create a clean
processed image with unique style. We have tasted these actions over 20,000 images . Action has been adjusted, so you get the
best result from different lighting sources.


All in one editing tool

• Easy to follow instruction
• Clean workflow
• Filmy / Cinematic look
• Package includes
• Endless looks,
• Easy to edit,
• Getting the perfect dreamy tone
• Take full control of your editing.
• Discover your inner talent.
• Creative tools for creative artist.
• Show off in style
• Ultra modern fashion look

This pack is the professional and Armature photographer’s main photo editing choice. It contains 175+ essential action sets: Color Enhancements and Corrections,  Cinematic look, Filmy matee Misc. Tools, Contrast Boosts, Light Treatments, Hazes, Vignettes, and Sharpening, Haze With pop-up help messages along the way, you will be guided through how to best use the actions. By simply painting effects in or out with the brush tool on the provided layer masks, you have freedom to easily apply effects just where you need them. Artistic Enhancement 23, Old matty and filmy 22, Vintage 14, Film noir B&W 5 , Brust Pack 45 Haze 7 Brushes 14 , workflow 45

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